Lotus Pendant

Lotus Pendant


Hand forged Sterling and Fine Eco Silver Pendant

18" Eco Sterling Silver Chain

Packaged in a tarnish free gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity unique to the purchaser.


About the concept:

“With its roots in the mud, the Lotus rises through water until it blossoms as a flower above its surface. Always reaching towards the light, we are reminded of our own spiritual journey towards enlightenment and purity”.

The Lotus is a perfect analogy of growth through hardships.

The design is based around this concept of growth, strength, and community, with the lotus flower blooming within in a tear drop shape. There is a hand forged Fine Silver Drop accenting the lower part of the design, this is the symbol of connection to community; 'you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the mighty ocean in one drop.' 


About the Community:

Women Beyond Breaking is an online community of women committed to empowering, encouraging & equipping each other on the journey to live beyond brokenness.

This pendant has been individually and intuitvely designed to embrace the power that is created when all Womxn support and lift one another. 
An exclusive discount is available to all WBB members, wear your pendant with pride and let it remind you of the strong community of women who are with you in your journey. 

When you invest in this pendant you are not only showing your support for self-identifying women, trans, non-binary and Two-Spirit people, you are investing in them.

10% of each sale will be donated to Women In Need, a Victoria BC non-profit who's mission is to support all self identifying women along their journey between crisis and wellness. Find out about the invaluable work they do on their website www.womeninneed.ca