Dancing Leaves II Statement Earring

Dancing Leaves II Statement Earring


'Dance like a fallen leaf on a windy day...'


These dancing leaves make a bold and natural statement.  This version is slightly shorter and using an alternate pattern. Wear with any statement earring from the Persephone collection (or custom order another unique design) for an athereal asymetric style.  


The pattern for this design was inspired by the Irish Crochet vines dating back to the 1830s and the dense forest floor of my island home in Sooke, BC. 


  • 4" drop
  • Crocheted using Antique Hand tools 
  • Made with reclaimed Fine Silver 
  • 925 Hallmarked Reclaimed Silver Ear Wires
  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Free Tracked Shipping 
  • One Available
  • Packaged and Shipped within 1-3 days


Creations in this collection are defiantly bold. They embrace everything Persephone represents; dark and light living in unity,  connection to the Earth and all She creates, and embracing the beautiful contradictions that make up the human experience. 

Each piece will be a unique design, handmade with antique hand tools and reclaimed Fine and Sterling Silver. A true piece of wearable art infused with heritage and the Natural world. 


Meet the Artist - https://www.twistedferndesigns.com/about-us

Have a question? Get in touch or have a browse of the FAQs - - https://www.twistedferndesigns.com/faq-1

  • Caring for your Twisted Fern Design.

    Each purchase comes with a Care Guide relevant to the unique piece you have chosen. 

    Wire Crochet may look delicate, but with the right care and love, it can be a durable and frequent addition to your style. 

    Sterling Silver - All Sterling Silver will tarnish when exposed to humidity, strong light, or chemicals. To remove tarnish from your crocheted silver jewelry, simply place in warm water with a drop of mild dishsoap. After 10 minutes, take a soft bristled toothbrush and gently brush the remaining tarnished parts, rinsing in water afterwards to remove any remaining dish soap. Once the piece has been rinsed, dry well.

    Fine Silver - While Fine Silver is less likely to tarnish, if it should get dirty, follow the above instructions to clean. Keeping Fine Silver away from harsh chemicals, strong lights, and humidity is also a great way to keep your piece looking great.

  • What is Silver Lace?

    Fibre arts being recreated in wire to be used as clothing embelishments dates back to Ancient Egypt and can be seen in many cultures around the globe throughout the ancient and modern world. 

    So what is Silver Lace? 

    A form of crocheting, this process produces a lace-like appearance. Knotting the silver wire in such a way makes the finished product very light, flexible, and durable; a modern reimagining of a timeless heritage craft. When I sit down to create I usually sketch out my idea then turn the drawings into a geometric pattern, resembling a crochet chart, to bring to life in Silver wire. For more complex designs, I will often create a prototype in cotton to test the pattern. I find it really connects me to the heritage of the craft and makes me appreciate those who paved the way all those hundreds of years ago.

  • Shipping and Returns

    This piece is in stock and ready to ship.

    Upon purchase I will package and ship it out within 1-3 days. 

    Returns are easy, you should absolutely adore everything about your new piece. Send me a message if you're not 100% in love and I can help find a quick and easy solution for you.