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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Sustainable and Cruelty Free. No compromise.

As a sustainable fashion entrepreneur and jewelry designer, it is important to me that all of my pieces are made with high quality, cruelty free, and recycled materials.

They are made by hand in an energy efficient studio and as such, use very little energy and produce little to no waste. 

Earth friendly fashion is slow fashion and I am proud to be part of the growing change. 

Stay curious, stay focused and keep asking the difficult questions. 

Why Recycled Silver?

As soon as I knew I wanted to work with Silver, I did some research on the effect my business would be having on the worlds resources, albeit on a minuscule scale. 

After many months of searching I found a great supplier of 100% recycled silver in the US. 

After 2 years of searching I finally found an amazing manufacturer of Recycled Sterling Silver Chains made in the UK from antique cutlery.

All of my jewelry's components are made from recycled sterling and fine silver. From the bails to the clasps; absolutely everything. 

Did you know? 

Metal mining is one of the largest polluters of land and water supplies worldwide.

Acid rock drainage from waste rock associated with silver mining causes oxidization, this inhibits plant growth and contaminates surface and groundwater supplies.  

The effect of metal mining is felt for hundreds of years after a mine ceases activity. Many older mine shafts become unstable and collapse, displacing communities and deeming the land inhabitable, while others fill with water and continue to contaminate the surrounding ground water supplies for decades. 

Recycling sterling silver is an effective form of resource management. Silver is a great conductor and does not corrode. Due to this, it is used widely in many household appliances such as refrigerators, TV's and microwaves, as well as in medical and industrial machinery. 

Recycling silver from these sources has a hugely positive environmental impact, decreasing reliance on known pollutants.   

Read more about the effects of metal mining here (PDF)

In the Studio

The Twisted Fern Studio is working towards becoming a zero waste environment where everything gets reused, recycled or composted. 

We keep electricity use to a minimum as many of our tools are hand operated. 

Living a local, plant based lifestyle is also very important to us, we grow most of our own food or buy from local farmers. 

If you have any questions about any of our sustainability practices or would like more information, feel free to get in touch!

The Twisted Fern Team collecting stones in the windswept British Isles.

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