Scottish stones

"To own a Scottish stone is to own a piece of Scotland itself."

At Twisted Fern Designs, being able to connect heritage and sustainability is an opportunity we treasure. 
All of our Sterling Silver and Scottish Stone Jewelry Designs are 100% sustainable. Ethically sourced in small batches, each unique stone is handpicked from the isles of the Hebrides. They are then skillfully shaped in Fife by Scottish crafts(wo)men. 
Each piece is its own story. 

The Highland Collection is currently unavailable. 

Stay tuned for updated in 2020! 

Green Marble

Green Marble has been a treasured gem for centuries. Found on the west coast of the Highlands and on the isles of the Hebrides, these stones vary in colour from pure whites to stunning marbled greens and even blues and black.
Colour and patterning is dependent upon the source and amount of plant matter that the marble came in contact with over the centuries spent in the rolling waves. 
On the Isle of Iona fisherman would not leave port without these lucky green gems, said to protect against drowning or perils at sea. Also referred to as St Columba's tears, named for the Irish Abbot and Missionary credited for introducing Catholicism to the area in 563AD. 
Today these beautiful stones are used by healers to help the body return to a time unhindered by the stresses and pollution of modern times.
Scottish Green Marble is collected in small batches by hand off the beaches of North West Scotland. It has never been commercially exported outside of the UK, making this unique stone and its strong connecting properties, one to cherish.

Skye Marble

Skye Marble is hand collected from the foot of the Cuillin mountain ranges on the rugged, wind-swept Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland.
Each piece resonates with ancient energy and is known for its calming, soothing properties.
The stone is found in many colours, from greens, blacks, pinks and moon like mottling of white and grey. 
Keep an eye on the blog for ancient legends surrounding this beautiful and underestimated stone.


Collected from the ancient bedrock of Lewis, Harris, Skye and Mull, Lewisian is one of the oldest rocks in the world at 3 Billion years old. When you wear a piece of Lewisian, you are connected to almost three quarters of the Earth’s history.

It is a unique composition of many minerals including Feldspar, Epidote and Quartz.

Lewisian has been treasured for thousands of years by the clans of Scotland, thought to be a stone of vision and grounding, balancing emotions and providing a connection to the spiritual world.

The stone was so revered by the Celtic settlers of Lewis, it was used to construct sacred places such as Tursachan Chalanais

To read more about the importance of Lewisian to the ancient inhabitants of the island, check out the blog post: When the Moon Walks Upon The Earth