Artist's Bio

Growing up in the historic town of York, England, the past fascinated me from a young age. Through my studies and work as a Social Historian I was granted an insight into the pivotal roles art and fashion played in almost every culture and era. However it was in studying the 19th Century Arts and Crafts, and Aesthetic Movements that I found my own calling to be creative. 

In 2015 I learned to crochet. I quickly fell in love with the structural beauty and unique expression the art form afforded. My work marries the 19th century crochet lace tradition with the geometrical complexity of the natural world. Crocheting Precious Metals produces designs that are elegant yet strong; a modern imagining of a heritage craft.

The first collection I created was the Neo Collection, inspired by the beauty of doily patterns and the role of sacred geometry.

After venturing into the world of Silversmithing, I began adding pieces to the Moon and Rune Collection , this collection is one I felt called to create. Runes, spirals, symbols of the ancient worlds, and the idea that energy could be instilled and directed through these shapes and forms, really sparks my imagination and creativity. 

Most recently, in 2019, the Silver Lace Collection came to life. The designs in this collection connect the natural, organic, and elegant ideals around which Twisted Fern was built. A lot of the pieces in this collection are custom orders and commissioned pieces for special events. 

In 2020 I will be curating a mini relaunch of the Silver Lace Collection with ready to ship unique style pieces and sets, perfect for those last minute decisions. 

All materials used in my designs are 100% reclaimed, each design is crafted using antique hand tools, and my studio is working towards being zero waste. 
Leading a creative life that has a positive environmental impact is so important to me. Making jewelry that is individual, ethical, and sustainable is my dream. I feel fortunate to be able to live it and share this passion every day.